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It takes a village to raise a book.

I want everyone to know the joy of a good book. No one should ever feel like reading is a chore. Being literate is a blessing and an opportunity to experience millions of new experiences.

Currently, I'm working on my Japanese Haunting novels which will be released in October of 2021.

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Emmie Lyland is a perfectly abnormal fifteen-year-old girl struggling to find her place in an ordinary world full of extraordinary magic.

When she returns to Ackley Institute, she quickly realizes it will be a school year unlike any other. With tensions running high across Andar, relationships between the regions and the students are quickly falling apart.

A hidden danger lurks outside the safety of the school walls, and Emmie and her friends are determined to uncover the mystery. When Ackley is attacked, Emmie realizes they are closer to the truth than they knew. 

As the number of casualties grows, the country teeters on the brink of a civil war and they make a decision that could change their lives forever. But will it be enough to save her friends and prevent war? Or will the country be permanently changed by the unexpected magic?

Early readers can’t get enough of this YA fantasy, saying “I’m in love with this series so far. I’ve been having problems reading lately, like I couldn’t get into any books, and this has cured me. Only I just want more and more and more of this,” “I didn't want to stop reading for one second,” and “it's the first one I've been able to completely concentrate on in ages can't wait to read more. Please never stop writing.”

Every Light Magical is born with a dark side.

Gray Mastiff believes there‘s nothing that could justify the use of Dark Magic. Until he must choose between opening himself to the darkness within or letting his brother die.

As a new term begins at Ackley Institute, Gray finds it difficult to resist using his Dark Magic, and the situation outside the school isn’t helping. His best friends and father are missing, and a Dark Magical named Damon has created an army that is wreaking havoc across Andar, driving the regions closer to war.

Will Gray find the inner strength to save those he loves and resist Dark Magic’s call? Or will he lose everything he cares about to the unleashed magic?

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Untrained Magic Ebook cover (jpg).jpg

Neil Mastiff nearly sacrificed everything in the fight against Damon and his Dark Magic.

Now the regions are attacking each other, people are dying, and Neil is chosen to become regent of Andar.

Ivy Hart, his friend turned Sub-Dark, is setting the citizens against the monarchy and each other. To prevent a civil war, Neil, and a newly-rescued Emmie, embark on a dangerous journey in search of the legendary Origin Elements to stop Ivy and the Sub-Darks once and for all. But as new truths are revealed, Neil struggles with what he thought he knew and who to trust.

To become a leader who can save his country, Neil must learn that true strength comes from relying on those around him. Can he master his new, untrained magic in time to protect the people he loves, or will he fall victim to the Dark Magic threatening to tear his home apart?

The Move  updated cover.jpg

The Move: A paranormal romantic suspense novella (Japanese Hauntings Book 1 of 4)

Before moving with her dad to a quiet Oregon town, haunted houses were something Selena had only seen in movies. Now she finds herself the target of a vengeful house the neighborhood kids call "the Snatcher." Determined to end the nightmare, Selena enlists the help of a charming neighborhood boy. Will they solve the mystery of the Japanese ghost haunting them before time runs out?

The Visit: A paranormal romantic suspense novella (Japanese Hauntings Book 2 of 4)

For one year, Selena has lived with the haunting knowledge that a Japanese ghost kidnapped her father. Now Lincoln, the only other survivor of that horrible night, invites her on a trip to Japan to celebrate their high school graduation. It’s Selena's chance to learn more about the deadly phantom who has haunted her dreams.

In Tokyo, she has a chance to spend more time with Lincoln and see if their friendship might blossom into something more. But lurking beneath Japan’s natural beauty is a darkness that plagues the residents. Selena soon realizes that Oiwa isn’t the only ghost to look out for as strange happenings around her become increasingly difficult and dangerous.

Will she and Lincoln figure out what’s happening in time before they or their new friends become victims to another haunting?


The Message: A paranormal romantic suspense novella (Japanese Hauntings Book 3 of 4)

Dexter Steele used to be an avid fan of horror movies until his best friend’s dad was taken by a ghost. Now he has to accept a new reality of spine-chilling ghost encounters where strange occurrences don’t always have a rational explanation.

He must put aside his doubts about whether or not ghosts actually exist and help Selena figure out how to help save her dad. But the situation around campus grows precarious as people go missing and the police are called in to investigate.

As Oiwa’s appearances grow more frequent and more violent, will they discover whether she’s taking more victims, or if there is a new Japanese ghost haunting campus? Can they figure out how to protect themselves or will splitting their focus leave them vulnerable to attacks from all sides and ultimately cost them their lives?

The Encounter: A paranormal romantic suspense novella (Japanese Hauntings Book 4 of 4)

Lincoln Kingston is no stranger to the paranormal. He’s spent the last few weeks trying to defeat the vengeful ghost who snatched his girlfriend’s dad last year. But when Selena and Lincoln go to the scene of her dad’s disappearance, they realize things aren’t as they seem.


Meanwhile, there’s a serial killer loose at Berkeley, and a string of murders have left the police stumped. While physical and supernatural forces threaten them, Selena and Lincoln struggle to keep their budding romance, and each other, alive.

If they hope to survive, Lincoln will have to work with those around him and trust his family’s supernatural abilities. Will they figure out the truth behind the new threat and defeat Oiwa once and for all? Or will Selena lose the chance of helping her dad forever?

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